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Our Story

In 2018 sadly I lost my grandma. She was 92. I loved and respected my grandmother tremendously, and she was the center of my family. When I traveled back to Ecuador to give my final farewell and pay my respects, It was then that I decided that in her honor, I wanted to introduce a 100% Ecuadorian product to the United States to honor my grandmother and stand as a symbol of my heritage. It was a business concept that I was passionate about, but had no idea what product yet. When my family received her ashes we were also handed a white rose in a clear acetate box as a token of condolences. That rose was a long-lasting preserved rose. I knew then that this rose was a perfect product. Shortly after, my new company, The Enchanted Petal was born. At The Enchanted Petal, we import long-lasting roses and flowers from Ecuador and create luxury gifts and arrangements here in the USA. The roses and flowers are 100% real and naturally preserved to last for years.

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