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The Enchanted Petal is a company located in Clifton, New Jersey dedicated to creating luxury gifts and arrangements with the finest preserved natural roses and flowers from the center of the world, Ecuador! Complement them with our luxury packaging for a unique look.

What is a preserved Flower or Rose?

Preserved roses and flowers are 100% natural, and real., They can last over a year without the need of water or sunlight, while maintaining their beauty and freshness.

Our commitment begins in our relationship with farms in Ecuador. Due to its unique climate, volcanic soil and location in the middle of the world, it is the ideal environment to grow the most beautiful flowers, and they are nurtured until they are ready to harvest. Later, the product undergoes a special process that allows the flowers to maintain their enchanted and natural beauty, as well as color and prolong their life span.

There is no maintenance required for our preserved roses or flowers.

Natural - A Life Span Over A Year - No Water Or Light Needed

Imagine receiving a gift or arrangement that's not just beautiful, but also tells a unique story. At our store, each and every one of our gifts and arrangements is crafted by hand with love and care. This means that not only are they stunning, but they also have a personality and character that's all their own. So go ahead, make someone's day and give them a gift that's truly one-of-a-kind!

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Preserved Rose Care Instructions

​We invite you to enchant someone with our preserved roses and flowers.

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