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How to Keep your Bouquet (bridal bouquet preservation)

With fall weddings fast approaching, we wanted to remind our fall brides to take advantage of our Bridal bouquets.

The Eternal Love Bridal Bouquet is a stunning addition to any wedding or special event. Handmade bouquets complement your special day and are created exclusively by hand with love.These bouquets are created exclusively by hand, with love and attention to detail. The all-white flowers are carefully selected and arranged to create a stunning effect. The long-lasting roses and hydrangeas are a perfect choice for a bride who wants her flowers to last all night, and longer!

View of top of bridal bouquet
View of top of bridal bouquet

No more hanging your fresh bouquet upside down for the seeds and sap to fall upon your floor and your flowers turning yellow/brown in color after two days for bridal bouquet preservation. Keep your bouquet forever!

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