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Luxury Roses in Box - Come with Wooden Box. Available in 2 Sizes.


Bloom luxury roses grown and preserved in Ecuador and combined with a luxury wooden box (Made in the USA) with a matching ribbon.




LUXURY ROSES GIFT BOX: 4 inch x 4 inch

Rose: About 3.25 inches in diameter.




LUXURY ROSES GIFT BOX: 5 inch x 5 inch

Roses: About 4 inches in diameter.


Once the ribbon is untied and the lid has been opened, the lid can be used as a base and the ribbon can be tucked inside of it. It is very attractive and colorful with brilliant decor, perfect to make an impression in any space.


The Enchanted Petal concentrates on the production of the highest quality roses and flowers. Our Natural Roses are about 3.25 - 4 inches in diameter and beautifully enchanted and preserved to live a long life without water and maintenance. They are non-toxic and come securely and safely packaged. Our preserved roses and flowers with our high-end quality gift box will make the ultimate gift for any occasion.


To maintain their long-lasting enchanted beauty and smell, limit the exposure to direct sunlight and humidity. Bloom Luxury Roses in Box was perfectly designed to be kept in it to minimize direct handling.

Bloom Luxury Roses in Box

Choose Rose Color
Color Gift Box
    • Handle with care
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight
    • Do not expose to high humidity
    • Do not water
  • For a limited time we are offering a special price. Be the first to expererience the enchated beauty of a preserve rose.

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