Beauty and the beast rose in glass - The Perfect Gift for Anyone


The La Bella enchanted rose is the perfect gift, but… it is also a conversation starter.
Sure to attract attention wherever on display.

The bearer should be warned, that possession of The La Bella Enchanted Rose brings astonished stares and questions of wonder.

The La Bella Preserved Rose is the gift of a real rose that becomes a story.

  • It needs no sunlight.
  • It needs no water.
  • Beauty and the Beast Rose is the perfect gift for any occasion.
  • Enchanted rose come with glass cover of the dome - looks very transparent, you can decorate the 20 LED strings to decorate him to make him more beautiful

Our preserved roses last over a year, no care is required.

This long-lasting preserved rose stands just over 10 inches tall with a vivid 5 inch rose bloom. Full-size 7-inch x 10.5 inches, glass dome with luxury wood base. Flowers are grown in the rich volcanic soil of Ecuador.


Buy Enchanted Roses For: 

Mother's day gifts, wife's birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Valentine's day gifts, birthday gifts, special occasion gifts.

La Bella | Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose in Glass

    • Handle with care
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight
    • Do not expose to high humidity
    • Do not water